Belluscura was established on our founder’s idea to reinvent oxygen therapy to better serve all patients and improve their health and financial outcomes. While working to dispel myths and stigmas associated with oxygen treatment, Belluscura also adheres to the motto “Mission First, People Always” by collaborating with various organizations to promote healthier communities. Belluscura aspires to be a breath of fresh air in the Oxygen Therapy arena by focusing on patient-centered experiences and oxygen innovation.

Mission Driven

Our mission is to rekindle our patient’s enthusiasm to live life unapologetically.

Belluscura is a medical device company based in the United States that was founded in the United Kingdom. Our mission is to help people around the world improve their quality of life by utilizing patented oxygen enrichment technology in our portable oxygen machines.

Exploring the Possibilities

We explore technology so that patients can fully experience life.

Belluscura is dedicated to engineering and manufacturing cutting-edge medical products to help patients explore healthier, more active lifestyles, backed by extensive research and collaboration with both medical professionals and patients.

Making an Impact: Using O2 to its Full Potential

Oxygen is essential for human life as well as the medical, industrial, and aerospace industries. Belluscura is currently focused on developing, licensing, and manufacturing portable oxygen concentrators for use in the treatment of lung diseases, with a long-term goal of expanding our oxygen platform technologies to include:

  • Oxygen concentrators for recreational and industrial use
  • Devices for wound care
  • Drug delivery systems
  • A portable artificial lung of the future.
  • Stationary oxygen concentrators that are significantly smaller than those currently available.
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