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portable oxygen concentrator top view of buttons in black carrying case on transparent background


The X-PLO2R® is the world’s first modular portable oxygen concentrator. Weighing less than 3.25 lb (1.5 kg), its lightweight design is perfect for patients looking to replace their heavy, metal oxygen tanks and live a more mobile, active lifestyle. X-PLO2R® uses Belluscura's patented ModulAir technology.

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X-PLO2R CX portable oxygen concentrator on transparent background


The X-PLO2R CXTM is a next-generation portable oxygen concentrator that delivers both continuous and pulse dose oxygen flow. We expect the CX will revolutionize the portable oxygen market by utilizing Belluscura's patented Ultra-Rapid ProcessingTM and ModulAirTM technology.

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X-PLO2R DX portable oxygen concentrator on transparent background


Belluscura and its research partner, SDG, recognizing the lack of genuine portability of larger continuous flow oxygen concentrators, have developed what is intended to be the first multiple liter continuous flow and pulse dosage flow ambulatory portable oxygen concentrator. The DX is projected to transform patient movement and travel by utilizing our award-winning ModulAirTM and Ultra-Rapid ProcessingTM.

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