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Through our innovative products, we are reinventing the way medical oxygen is delivered, improving millions of patients’ lives across the globe.

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Long-life Rechargeable Battery

Enjoy up to 5 hours on a single charge 8-cell battery.

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User-replaceable Cartridge

Replacing cartridges is quick and easy.

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1-4 Multiple Flow Settings

Adjust pulse dose O2 settings from 200 to 800 mL/minute.

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Wonderfully Quiet

Less than 39 decibels during level 2 operation.

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Oxygen output of up to 95%

At 3.25 pounds, it has the highest oxygen output per pound in its class.

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Direct Chargeable Battery

No separate battery charger is required.

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Go Anywhere
With Ease

Don’t let your medical oxygen be the reason you miss out on time spent with loved ones. Unlike heavy, metal oxygen tanks, the X-PLO2R® is lightweight, quiet, and compact, giving you the freedom to go anywhere with ease.

Oxygen Enrichment Technology

The air we breathe is only 21% oxygen, but after partnering with Separation Design Group, we have developed proprietary oxygen enrichment technology that concentrates ordinary air into enriched oxygen gas, delivering up to 96% pure oxygen to patients.

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We Make X-PLO2R®ing Easy

With a rechargeable battery and user-replaceable cartridges, the X-PLO2R® is low maintenance and easy to operate. And with its long battery life, you can explore for longer without worrying about your medical oxygen.



7.3” x 2.9” x 7” (4-cell)
7.3” x 2.9” x 7.6” (8-cell)


≤3.25 lb (4-cell)
≤3.75 lb (8-cell)

Auditory Output

<39 dB(A) at level 2

Charge Duration

≤2.5 hrs (4-cell)
≤5 hrs (8-cell)

Charge Time

≤5 hours (4-cell)
≤6 hours (8-cell)

Dose Settings

4 (200-800 mL/min)

Items included:

  • X-PLO2R® unit
  • 4-cell battery
  • User-replaceable cartridge
  • Air intake filter
  • AC power adaptor
  • DC power adaptor
  • Carry bag
  • Carrying handle
  • Carrying shoulder strap
  • Quick start guide
  • User manual


  • To clean the exterior: wipe the outside surface of the case with a cloth dampened with a mild liquid detergent and water solution at room temperature
  • Clean the air intake filter with a mild liquid detergent and water solution at room temperature and dry before reuse
Download X-PLOR manual
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Fit X-PLO2R® Into Your Lifestyle

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Carry Bag
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8-Cell Battery
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